Stories of Chard

Everyone and everywhere has a story to tell and now it is time for Chard to tell its story.
Through workshops, storytelling, oral and written tales of today, the future or way back when – an opportunity for everyone to explore feelings of longing and belonging that the people, landscape and culture of this place – that we call home – bring to make sense of the world we live in. Using short stories and poetry we aim to create a book that will become a legacy of Chard that can be treasured for generations to come.

Launched at the 10 July event, the project will be delivered through a series of creative writing workshops and storytelling opportunities prior to the publication of a selection anthology of writings generated through the project.
The workshops will commence in November 2021 following meetings with interested
groups and individuals and will be led by Rachel Godfrey in the first instance. They
will continue to be held on a monthly basis until November 2023.
We will encourage new writers and more confident ones to take part in storytelling at
events happening in the town including events at the Museum and as part of the
Spring festival.
Intergenerational stories will be recorded and transcribed to ensure inclusion of
stories which would otherwise not be heard. This will work with students and
volunteers recruited as part of the project.
Throughout October/November visits to Care settings, Community Groups and Schools will take place to promote the project through short taster sessions and to sign up new writers.
November 21 – November 23, 2 hour Monthly Creative Writing workshops held
locally to develop skills and confidence of new writers.
Opportunities for new writers to take part in storytelling events in local bookshop,
library and community events including Museum Heritage Days, School events, care
home fairs etc.
Invitation to established writers from January 2022 to submit items and take part in
workshops and events repeated at all events/publicity until November 2023.
Multi-generational recording/transcribing will begin in November 2021 and continue
to end of 2023 in various settings and working with students and volunteers to record
the stories and memories of people who are not able to write them down themselves.
Clarification of specific dates will be available as participants sign-up and
times/venues are established.

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